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On Yakima City Council, Dulce delivered on our biggest issues, from economic development to community safety.

We need a Commissioner with a proven record of hard work and results. That's Dulce.


Dulce has a record of delivering real results for our neighborhoods.
  1. Voted to approve the first City of Yakima paid summer internship for Yakima School District students 16 years of age and up

  2. Voted to approve significant funding for improvements to main streets and intersections by establishing the Transportation Benefit District

  3. Voted to approve the preservation of low fees for local city residents using local parks and recreation programs

  1. Voted to approve the first Domestic Violence Victim's Advocate position for the City of Yakima

  2. Voted to approve a partnership with the Yakima School District and community service providers to fund gang prevention and intervention support to 6th-grade students using evidence-based resources

  3. Voted to approve a new, accountability-based City of Yakima Community Diversion Program for low-level, non-violent offenders that accept help for drug abuse or other issues.

  1. Voted to approve funding for a Next Step Housing apartment complex to house a combination of people of low income and people experiencing homelessness

  2. Voted to approve funding to convert the former Marine Corps Reserve armory facility into a housing complex for homeless veterans

  3. Voted to approve a safe and sanitary sanctioned campgrounds for people experiencing homelessness, now known as Camp Hope 

  1. Voted to approve the funding needed to initiate the process to re-open a city pool in east Yakima (at Martin Luther King Jr. Park, next to Washington Middle School)

  2. Voted to approve funding to improve city park playgrounds and city community centers

  3. Advocated for solar technology to be incorporated into the modernization of city buildings and pools

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