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"The Yakima Valley should lead central Washington with safe communities, good housing opportunities, and well-managed water and energy resources."


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We need to address concerns around crime and safety immediately. That means leadership committed to upholding the law and investing in modernized technology and equipment for public safety agencies and the Yakima County Courthouse. In addition to providing resources to combat crime, the Yakima Valley would benefit tremendously by offering youth programs, gang intervention services, and rehabilitation opportunities.

Yakima can also find better solutions to help vulnerable populations facing homelessness, mental health issues, and domestic violence. Residents throughout the Valley deserve a responsible and responsive County government that prioritizes these issues and invests in real solutions. I will work so that the Yakima Valley can prosper with public and private investments, new growth, and safer communities. 

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To stimulate growth and business investments in the Yakima Valley, the county government needs to improve water availability and reliability to ensure homes, farmers, businesses, and fish have sufficient water. The County needs to invest in road infrastructure to boost the private sector's development of new housing and businesses. Lastly, the Yakima Valley can break through as a leading producer of renewable energy by increasing opportunities for local businesses to install solar technology that respects natural habitats and wildlife.

Rising housing costs are a major concern in our community. We need to increase housing opportunities throughout the Yakima Valley to keep up with growth and improve quality of life. Public investments in roads and utility infrastructure allow us to add critical single-family homes, and government incentives can help create affordable and low-income rental options. Yakima County must also embrace zoning changes that empower homeowners to add housing units to their residential property.

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