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County Government is failing us. On issues like public safety and homelessness, it's time for real progress in our neighborhoods.

On Yakima City Council, I'm proud to have built stronger communities, from parks our families can love, to safe streets for our elders to walk. I'll bring the same record of delivering to the Yakima County Board of Commissioners.

It's time to get Yakima County back on track!

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I’m running for the Board of Yakima County Commissioners because the Yakima Valley needs responsible government and responsive public services to deal with our region’s serious issues. 


Our Valley plays a critical role in the region’s economy. It holds great potential to lead central Washington with safe communities, good housing opportunities, and well-managed resources. If elected, I will work diligently with fellow County Commissioners, businesses, and community members to improve the quality of life for residents in the city and rural communities.


In 2015, voters elected me to the Yakima City Council, where I served for a four-year term. It was a tremendous honor to work for the city I love wholeheartedly. I kept my campaign promises to improve roads, parks, and public safety during my time as a public servant in the city government. Also, during my time on the City Council, council member colleagues appointed me to serve as Assistant Mayor of the City of Yakima for two years.  


It would be a true honor to serve and represent residents in the city of Yakima, Union Gap, and Terrace Heights as the District 2 Representative on the Yakima County Board of Commissioners. My name is Dulce Gutierrez, and I ask for your vote.



We need to address concerns around crime and safety immediately. That means leadership committed to upholding the law and investing in modernized technology and equipment for public safety agencies and the Yakima County Courthouse.


In addition to providing resources to combat crime, the Yakima Valley would benefit tremendously by offering youth programs, gang intervention services, and rehabilitation opportunities.


Rising housing costs are a major concern in our community. We need to increase housing opportunities throughout the Yakima Valley to keep up with growth and improve quality of life.


Public investments in roads and utility infrastructure allow us to add critical single-family homes, and government incentives can help create affordable and low-income rental options. Yakima County must also embrace zoning changes that empower homeowners to add housing units to their residential property.


To stimulate growth and business investments in the Yakima Valley, the county government needs to improve water availability and reliability to ensure homes, farmers, businesses, and fish have sufficient water. The County needs to invest in road infrastructure to boost the private sector's development of new housing and businesses.


Lastly, the Yakima Valley can break through as a leading producer of renewable energy by increasing opportunities for local businesses to install solar technology that respects natural habitats and wildlife.

I am proud to have pushed community needs during my time as your public servant. Some of the efforts I’m most proud of include the following:

1) Voted to approve the first City of Yakima paid summer internship for Yakima School District students 16 years of age and up

2) Voted to approve the first Domestic Violence Victim's Advocate position for the City of Yakima

3) Voted to approve funding for a Next Step Housing apartment complex to house a combination of people of low income and people experiencing homelessness

4) Voted to approve the funding needed to initiate the process to re-open a city pool in east Yakima (at Martin Luther King Jr. Park, next to Washington Middle School)

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